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Attacking, Defending, and Teamwork

Attacking and defending are very different. Defending, one has the privalage of being able to set up his/her controle area the way he/she feels best suited to defend. The attacker must adjust to that. Attacking takes a great amount of give and take. For example: Person X moves to the corner of a building and hears BB's hit the wall just around the corner. He knows that his team is behind him and therefore he moves back away from the corner of the building in an according manner.


Attacking a general possition is not hard if you take your time. You can't expect that when you charge a tower,  everybody in it will run away. So if you go at it from a slow thought out point of view, the tower is easy to take. The question you should ask yourself is, "What can I do so get out of my enemy's line of fire?" Well, one way is to change their line of fire. Have your team put down supressing fire from a different possition than you and when the people in the tower are preocupied, book it and get below the tower. Once below the tower, you are invisable to your enemy. Now clime the tower and call out your demand "DO YOU GIVE?!" or "Surrender?!" Or you can take the tower the rough way and when you get up in the tower behind your enemy, openfire from point blank range. This removes all possibility that your enemy will turn around and shoot you in the face, but gives you a rough walk back to base hearing your enemy complain about what you did. The thing to remember which works in almost any situation, in the balltefield or in life itself, is Devide and Conquer. The best way to supress a tower gunner is to not let him see. They can't shoot what they can't see. Get an HMG or some gun with a lot of ammo in its clip to keep poping shots whenever the person in the tower puts their head up. With them down, they will be more likely to look at the entrance of the tower to watch for you comming up to get them. Here is how you beat that. 1) Get someone to run up underneith the tower while ther person's head is down, but make sure they do it quietly. If they are unnoticed, then go to the next part of the plan. 2) Have the person providing cover, the HMG or person with a gun with a lot of ammo, stop shooting as much. Let the person in the tower think they can put their head up and shoot back. With them shooting back and keeping their head up they are less likely to look at their entrance way and the person under the tower can climb up and finish the plan.


Defending is on of the easier things to do in airsoft in the sence that you already know what is around you. You have made the course the way you want to defend it. You know where all your team is. While the attacking team has no idea where you are adn has no idea what the layout of the course is. But with defending, one must remember to not make your defence line one layered. If the attacker realizes that the line is only one layer, he/she will do thier best to knock out the person on the end. Once that person is out, the defencive line fails and the enemy breaks through. When on a battlefield, you have 4 enemys. Ammo, The Enemy, Elements, Flanking. Of all of those, being flanked will get you shot the fastest. Of course flanking hasto do with the enemy, but if you aren't careful, the enemy can get onside of you. When that happans, as was stated before, the line just rolls up with no stoping it. Flanking is the biggest fear of any defencive or attack line ever formed. They Counteract it by moving out their Flanks to minimise the space between the flanks and the edge of the battlefeild. As the Picture shows, moving your Flanks, Outermost sides of your lines, out will minimise the chanse to be Flanked. The Black arrow represents the origional attack line and the red arrows represent the newouter lines along with the black line up the center. The sideways arrows show which wat the sides of the line moved. This cna be preformed with as little as three people. There is a danger with this though. If you move your Flanks out too far, the enemy will skip through your lines without you knowing and you may get ambushed.


You have a team in most cases, make use of it. The use of walkie talkies is a major advantage. Letting your teammates know where enemies and you are without letting your enemy know that you know is a great advantage. The thing to remember with walkie talkies is not to be on them 100% of the time. If your enemies find that you are doing this, they will run around a corner you are standing behind while you have that walkie talkie in your mouth and the gun pinched imbetween your legs, you will be an easy target. Another thing to keep in mind is your volume. Keep it down. If your enemy does not know that you are around a corner, there is no point in telling them. All it takes is one careless or missinformed person to blab something over the walkie talkie and give away your position to get you shot. All these things take practice and time to devolop well, but if you have a set team that you play with, get them together and run some drills. Get use to them and their stature. It will pay off.

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